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corpusimperium said: Hey there... your blog is simply amazing.

Thank you guy. :)

destinykaspar said: Hi, I'd like to thank you for listing all those horror blogs. I've found a lot of new blogs to follow because of that. Also if it is not too much trouble would you mind giving my blog a peek and perhaps added to the list. It would be greatly appreciated. :)

No problem! I’m glad you’re enjoying the list and I really hope some deserving blogs get a few new followers out of it.
Thanks for the message you’ve been added!

fuck-yeah-horror said: Heya! I was going to message you (cause I'm a wee fangirl) asking you to check my blog, then I noticed my blog was already on the horror blogs list. I had a moment. It was beautiful. Thank you <3

Awe this was so sweet.
I’ve been following you for a while now so of course I’d put you up near the top!